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We’re a brand spankin’ new travel platform that’s changing up the student tourism game. Our mission? To connect study abroaders with weekend trips that take you outside and off the beaten path, so you can experience Europe like a local. Learn more.

Why Go Grassroute?

Unique Adventures

You won’t find other student tour companies where we travel. The trips we promote take you out of the city and off the beaten path, so you can live like a local

Sustainable Tourism

We donate £1 from each booking to a local environmental charity to help preserve the natural beauty of each of the places we visit

Supporting Locals

As an digital travel platform, we only partner with local businesses so that local people (rather than big corporations or foreign investors) benefit from tourism

Value for Money

We understand that a student’s budget is limited, so we do our best to maximize value and minimize costs with all of our tours

Further Your Education

We truly value education and think that often the best type of learning happens outside of the classroom

Cultural Exchange

Like Mark Twain, we sincerely believe that travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness

Our Most Popular Blogs

Whether you fancy riding a camel into the Sahara Desert or sea kayaking to remote islands in Greece, we’ve got you covered.

Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is over, so it’s time to start thinking about vacation items! i really like to give people experiences (first-rate dinners out, cooking lessons, a yoga class) due to the fact most of my pals and family don’t really want extra STUFF. It’s continually fun...

Climbing down from the soapbox A new angle

Courtesy of roadsidepictures thru Flickreach morning i've a cup of espresso with synthetic sweetner. I are aware of it’s bad for me, however I do it in any case. At work we've got candy ‘N Low.  candy ‘N Low is the bubblegum purple packet (with the red Panther as a...

The Evolution and Destruction of the Cave of Crystals

Deep inside the Naica Mine, located in northern Mexico, many limestone caverns decorated with huge crystal growths of gypsum have been located through miners inside the past, who had been drilling for lead and silver. within the 12 months 2000, an incredible discovery...

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